First Day of Spring

So today is the first day of spring!  

Birds are in full chorus, mornings are getting lighter, plants are budding…

In amongst all the gloom a time for change and renew could be the positive focus.

Personally I like flags throughout the year where I can re-set.  New year, birthdays and the seasons.  It’s the best chance to stand back and decide if we are moving successfully in the right direction.  Often we find we are but with a lot of unnecessary baggage dragging behind us!

So in a simple and stress free way its all about making space:

Tidy your desk  

Even if ‘home working’ isn’t usually your thing, keeping a clear table will keep a clear mind.

Clear a space in your calendar just for you!

Ok not so difficult right now but pushing out the information overload we are subjected to can be.

Turn the page

This is the more involved part.

  • Large sheet of plain paper (bigger the better) or even a blank wall you don’t mind giving over your thoughts to.
  • Pen in hand (or post-it’s if you are going for the mural option) jot your goals and ambitions on that sheet; the ones that really uplift and bring ‘joy’!
  • Treat you head like a box of craft materials up ended on the floor. It can seem overwhelming at first but once it‘s out there it becomes much easier to organise and compartmentalise. 
Be kind to yourself- every thought is valid

Some may never come off the paper; some you could act on this week, others may only feel achievable months or years from now.

The key from here is to plan them in by giving them a time frame.  So be pragmatic in this.  You may need your youngest to start school or get a house move out of the way.  This is not about applying pressure instead providing direction.

Clearing space in your head to know how to practically fulfill these longer-term ambitions. 

Then its read, research and make conversation about what you want to achieve. Creating your own opportunities will make your direction sharper and allow you to leave a lot of the baggage behind!

Ready for a new journey? 

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