Paper to Prototype


Do you have a burning idea that identifies a gap in the market? 

Are you new to the industry and don’t know where best to start?

Or maybe you have already made prototype samples but what came back left you disheartened.

side view of sketches on paper, colour cards and fabric swatches for prototypes


Don’t feel defeated! I have developed literally thousands of products. Source Lingerie can offer a simple, clear path and as a result make those burning ambitions a beautiful collection.

Our Paper to Prototype Package guides you through the range building process. In five months time you will have all the tools you need to achieve your first prototype samples with confidence.

Taking your ideas off the paper

First we begin with a 1½ hour meeting in person or via zoom (dependent on location) so we can evaluate where you are in the process and identify any concerns you have.  We will then take a global look at your brand story so we can identify what you want it to achieve. This will allow us to draw up an instant plan of action in order to kick start this exciting journey.


The five month plan of paper to prototype building will cover:

  • Designing intelligently and range building
  • Simple price point evaluation / and market position
  • Where and how to source materials and components
  • Guidance on making first patterns and communicating with pattern cutters
  • Procedure on working with sample machinists
  • Creation of Design packs

How we take you from Paper to Prototype

paper sketch swatches and gold scissors


Throughout I will coach you on the process and make available worksheets and templates so you are able to keep track and maintain a good working practice from the beginning.

Furthermore we will continue to have a 1 hour monthly zoom chat or call. In addition e-mail support once a week will cover any questions or queries that arise in-between.

Paper to Prototype is the foundation to creating any new concept sample.  From single garments to entire collections this fundamental phase will allow you to turn any ideas into beautiful intimate samples.



package price

Are you ready to start your journey?

£280 p/m

for 5 months

Payment taken at beginning of each month

First meeting 90 minutes

1hr Zoom meeting or call each month thereafter

Weekly e-mail support

All worksheets & templates provided



What Our Clients Say

Great Working Relationship

Emmaline understood our vision so perfectly that her passion for our swimwear’s success was as strong as ours and this made for a great working relationship.

Aurora San Swim

Aurora San Swim

Supported on Swimwear Development

Emmaline single-handedly steered and supported us through the swimwear development journey.   She acted as the confident and cheerful liaison between us, fabric mills, component suppliers and manufacturers to keep the project moving forward, while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Gemma. S

Gemma. S

Co-Founder, Aurora San Swim

Producer of Intimate Apparel

Emmaline is an exceptional designer as well as producer of intimate apparel. I have worked with Emmaline on several projects for different brands ranging from luxury to online retail to high street spanning over 2 decades.

Amy. G

Amy. G

Co-owner, Eaton House Studio