Herald the Bralette!

Scroll back to pre-lockdown.  Its Friday, you’ve just got home after a busy week and now its time to relax and unwind.  No Zoom quizzes or FaceTime catch-ups with friends to worry about. So what do most women do first? Get upstairs and take their bra off!

Which draws the question:

why are we only happy to let our girls out when we’re in no fear of seeing anyone? 

These days staying in is the new norm. Commutes to the office are a brief wonder up the hallway and our interest is piqued when we miraculously achieve over 100 steps on our Fitbit!

So being bra-less all day is a real possibility. Well no, for most of us this isn’t really an option.  Our bras do offer support and save many women from the aches and pains of heavy breast tissue.  But women can prioritise what they really need a bra to do.  

Taking a pragmatic approach to the girl herding has lead many women to the bralette.  The soft non-wired bra has, in some cases, seen a 40% uplift in sales over lockdown as a result.

The bralette, for many years, had been considered a garment for the young, small-breasted woman.  This was largely due to it being an optional extra in a designers ‘tool kit’ when a range needed broadening out.  The design was always kept simple and scant so it used minimal materials and could be offered at a more tempting price point. 

Wearing a bra doesn’t change your shape it simply molds it for a while. Sometimes this process is torture for women so ask yourself, who are you doing this for? 

Nowadays the bralette has elevated its status as a genuine bra of choice and designs of the designs have become far more exciting and functional.  

To be clear, no bralette will give you the rounded shape and maximum support of a wired full support bra.  But then, do we need this every day anyway?  

How far from the corset have we really come?

Bralettes offer a lighter, more comfortable support with a silhouette guided by the line of our natural boob shapes. 

However for me, the most significant factor of the bralette is the next layer of liberation it offerers women.  

I have been doing my job for over 20 years and have seen more boobs up close than most other people do in their life-time.  No two breasts are the same. You didn’t really need me to tell you this but I am happy to confirm the statement.  

But what is frustrating is that women still feel compelled to conform to a certain ‘shape’ every day of their lives. It’s like we tell ourselves if we don’t have ‘that’ shape of boobs, in that top it won’t look right?

We are becoming stronger at braking down social perceptions of body image so our boobs deserve some slack here too. 

So herald the bralette and allow our under garments to reflect the quiet confidence from within. Let the bralette be a nod to how we should feel in our own skin.

Ready for your own journey? 

If intimate apparel is your burning ambition we have packages to guide you from the very beginning.  Head over to our contact page to talk and we can advise you on the Package that would suit you. 

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