Respect for the Cycle- The Designer

It is Fashion Revolution Week this week.  

The burden our current world situation is placing on our manufactures has captured everyone’s attention for a good many weeks.  This week serves to keep the conversation flowing.

Manufactures are an integral part of the production cycle. Without them nothing would make it off the paper and yet their contribution is often brushed over or undervalued.  

Transparency and knowledge is our best weapon in fighting this imbalance.  

I have been in the industry 25 years and for me the process has always been a cycle or circle of activities that, once pushed into life, continues to turn for the benefit of everyone involved.  However as I have spent more recent years working with emerging brands I have found myself drawn to where the process of circularity begins; the idea! 

Designers and innovators have an opportunity to play a part in moulding a more ethical and sustainable product cycle.  

The mark of a good designer is someone that can sketch up something genuinely beautiful and desirable.

The mark of an exceptional designer is one that knows it can be sourced and manufactured with minimal waste (energy, time and materials). All while meeting the needs of their intended consumer

Much like marketing we don’t design for our needs but the needs of our customer. Understanding their motivations will provide a product they will truly want and need.

Focusing innovations on our consumer makes the design as strong and valuable as possible. Why design three bras when one would do? 

Don’t dilute the beauty of a good design.  The impact of this watering down widens as we run into over purchases of materials and manufacturing of surplus product. This ultimately ties up funds that could be used to seek out our best customers.

We need to push back from a consumerism method of design; where it simply becomes a ‘churning out’ of the same thing.  

Allow designers to fulfill their maximum potential and truly design with a holistic vision.



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