Design for your Future

The strain so many of our retailers are under right now is having a huge ripple effect on our creative industry.  

New product is low on the list since most retailers have enough stock to see them through to next year, if they indeed manage to trade through efficiently. 

If companies are able to push through then trimming back of staff and resources begins in order to stay afloat.  Usually freelancers are first to be dropped. This is often comes as no surprise to them as fruitless chasing of unpaid invoices provides the first alarm bells.

After them however is the backbone to design departments.  ‘The creative teams who, season after season, work at defining their skills in order to refine that of their company’s.

Uninterrupted dedication and observance of the product they work with is fine tuned to meet the needs of their target market completely. 

This is all about to change.

If you are freelance or run your own business you will know all to well the moment you find your inner chameleon. Adapting is what you do best.  Or if you don’t start afresh, you look to attach another string to your bow.

Not having the parenthesis of a large company around you makes it easier to change, move side ways or do something different for a while or forever.

Innovate yourself

But regardless of work place, this is something all creatives are capable of in spades.  It’s what makes them resourceful by nature.  The need to discover, update, transform and resolve are the beautiful skills behind every creative thinking person. 

This is such a dire moment in time for many of our designers and product specialists. I know those feelings of loss. I have been on the end of that stick and it feels like being pushed out to sea.

Be like your best client

Stand by your core qualities.  Be your best client and apply those resourceful traits to you.  Re-design a new enriched version of your work-self. 

It is your most prized skill and the one that will allow you to shine out and attract your next best journey or experience.

Change starts with you.

Ready for a new journey? 

If intimate apparel is your burning ambition we have packages to guide you from the very beginning.  Head over to our contact page to talk and we can advise you on the Package that would suit you. 

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