The Triangle of Progress △

Changes in more positive situations make for interesting conversations and exciting new journeys. At Source Lingerie we finally re-vamped our services and turned the page on a new chapter. 

But how about your journey?  

Most plans right now have been scrapped or put on hiatus.  However the ideas don’t just stop flowing or go away.  Especially when some of us have more time on our hands than we would normally! 

Maybe you have an idea for a USP or perhaps you want to take the plunge into a change of direction when we all get up and running again.

My Triangle of Progress

So although I am far from new to intimate apparel, re-launching our website and service levels has still been a lot of hard work.  

This is never truer when applying your efforts into areas of the unknown. It can feel completely unnerving! So if you are embarking on a new project, (big or small) here is my △ of progress to get you in the starting blocks and maintain the energy needed!

1. Passion △

Yes a little obvious but ‘book-marking’ that feeling you have when you first start talking about your dreams.  When it comes to driving your project in the right direction this really will come in handy!

There are many times when the pursuit of an ambition can seem totally lost or further away than ever. 

So step back, remind yourself of your end goal and then dive back in.  

2. Planning △

This is your second lifeline when you suddenly feel lost at sea with your project.  

Make a broad list of your targets with a ‘loose’ time frame to meet them by. 

This is absolutely a moveable set of tasks. You can’t possibly expect to know how long all aspects of your development will take. However by making a visual list, chart or mind map you will be able to research ahead and seek out those that do have the expertise you need.  

So keep the faith and don’t feel defeated when your best guess was way off! Instead feel empowered that you are another notch more knowledgeable in your chosen path. 

3. Product △

I will always harp on about this aspect of brand and range building, as it is the golden egg to new brand success.  

Essentially focus on one idea ONLY and run with it.  

Doing one thing and doing it well is your chance to really shine in you field.  If you are not sure go back to number 1 Passion. What is the core driver behind your undertaking?

No one can 100% guarantee how long it will take to launch your project and for that matter, how much of your finances it will require. However concentrating your efforts into one idea will give you and your brand the best chance for successful market entry. 

Source Lingerie HQ has been round this triangle recently.  They have proven especially important on wobble days when we have needed guide-rails to keep our eye on the prize. 

Final Word

Enjoy your journey and share your journey! Talk about what you’re doing. Build a community who are all ears and can help support these wonderful new chapters! 

  1. Passion. You know what drives you, bottle that feeling for the difficult days
  2. Plan. Broad, flexible planning will keep you in control 
  3. Product. Do one thing and stick to it! 



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