Prototype to Factory

prototype pattern ruler swatches sketchpad


Prototype to Factory is a pivotal phase of product development.  A  positive working relationship with your chosen manufacturer is the foundation to a long and successful brand.

So your dream really does need to shape up to achieve commercial success or it simply won’t be ready for manufacture!


Do you have your first samples but when you reached out to a factory they never responded?

Or maybe you have received prices for your garments from a factory but they were so expensive you nearly fell off your chair!






Believe me, I have firsthand experience of this frustration and the anxiety it induces!

How Prototype to Factory will push past this

In order to dispel these worries we will open with a 1½ hour meeting in person or via zoom (dependent on location) to make a full appraisal of your range so far.

We can discuss any areas you are concerned with. Then together we will identify specific aspects that need more attention.

As a result we will be able to tailor an action plan precisely for you and keep your prototypes on track.

The five month plan to factory fitness will also cover:

  • Preparation of factory ready paper work
  • Sourcing and how to work with factories
  • Consolidating Bill of Materials or BOM’s
  • Assembly of Technical Packs
  • Understanding garment prices
  • Introduction to a critical path

Steering your prototypes through the factory door

fitting prototype bra on mannequin


Following our initial meeting I will support you with a 1 hour monthly zoom chat or call.  Along with this, e-mail support will be available once a week for any questions or queries that arise in-between.

I will guide you on every step and provide you with the necessary materials so you are able to make every garment factory ready this time and for future seasons to come.

Prototype to Factory has been created to provide essential resources and knowledge. So as brand owners and entrepreneurs you can clearly communicate all your lingerie or swimwear collections to the right factory and in the right way.

package options

Are you ready to start your journey?

£280 p/m

for 5 months

Payment taken at beginning of each month

First meeting 90 minutes

1hr Zoom meeting or call each month thereafter

Weekly e-mail support

All worksheets & templates provided



What Our Clients Say

Great Working Relationship

Emmaline understood our vision so perfectly that her passion for our swimwear’s success was as strong as ours and this made for a great working relationship.

Aurora San Swim

Aurora San Swim

Supported on Swimwear Development

Emmaline single-handedly steered and supported us through the swimwear development journey.   She acted as the confident and cheerful liaison between us, fabric mills, component suppliers and manufacturers to keep the project moving forward, while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Gemma. S

Gemma. S

Co-Founder, Aurora San Swim

Producer of Intimate Apparel

Emmaline is an exceptional designer as well as producer of intimate apparel. I have worked with Emmaline on several projects for different brands ranging from luxury to online retail to high street spanning over 2 decades.

Amy. G

Amy. G

Co-owner, Eaton House Studio