One-to-One Development

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One-to-one Development offers the opportunity to tailor our support and guidance towards the areas of your business that need it the most.


  • Fulfilling tasks and processes in narrower time frames
  • Dealing with areas of your product or brand that need closer attention
  • A ‘Power Hour’ to re-invigorate development and create a plan to get back on track
  • A session of on-site training


These are some of the reasons for choosing our One-to-One Development approach.



Why One-to-One Development works

Often it can be one aspect of a product or range that requires extra attention. This temporary support can help bridge short-term skills gaps.

Are you unable to identify the problem with a range or find the solution?

Do you want to understand how to use a critical path effectively?

Would you like to feel confidence running Fit Sessions?


In any scenario we aim to create a solution.  Our experience and resources provided can help your business move forward into a position of knowledge for future seasons.

What is the Time Frame?

This is all about you and your business!

Once we know what you are having difficulty with we will find the best approach to resolve it. This underpins how long we will work together.

We offer many structured tools from power hour sessions; in house training/ workshops to a bespoke plan built as required.

Want to know more?

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For any product queries you want to discuss in more detail head over to our contact page.  Write a few words explaining your situation on our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Alternatively you can e-mail us or book a free chat and we can talk about what you need and what you are struggling with right now.

From this point we can formulate a plan to suit your requirements, time frame and budget.  All with the goal of providing the missing pieces to your product development journey.





What Our Clients Say

Great Working Relationship

Emmaline understood our vision so perfectly that her passion for our swimwear’s success was as strong as ours and this made for a great working relationship.

Aurora San Swim

Aurora San Swim

Supported on Swimwear Development

Emmaline single-handedly steered and supported us through the swimwear development journey.   She acted as the confident and cheerful liaison between us, fabric mills, component suppliers and manufacturers to keep the project moving forward, while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Gemma. S

Gemma. S

Co-Founder, Aurora San Swim

Producer of Intimate Apparel

Emmaline is an exceptional designer as well as producer of intimate apparel. I have worked with Emmaline on several projects for different brands ranging from luxury to online retail to high street spanning over 2 decades.

Amy. G

Amy. G

Co-owner, Eaton House Studio