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When it’s just you at the helm, it can be tricky to know where to get answers and the right support for your next steps.  

Our Membership Group is for like-minded Brand owners, budding start-ups and entrepreneurs alike. It’s your hub for discussions, advice, knowledge sharing and practical help in how to run your thriving brand business.

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individual fabric tubes for one-to-one development


For any product queries you want to discuss in more detail head over to our contact page.  Write a few words explaining your situation on our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Alternatively you can e-mail us or book a free chat and we can talk about what you need and what you are looking to create.







What Our Clients Say

Great Working Relationship

Emmaline understood our vision so perfectly that her passion for our swimwear’s success was as strong as ours and this made for a great working relationship.

Aurora San Swim

Aurora San Swim

Supported on Swimwear Development

Emmaline single-handedly steered and supported us through the swimwear development journey.   She acted as the confident and cheerful liaison between us, fabric mills, component suppliers and manufacturers to keep the project moving forward, while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Gemma. S

Gemma. S

Co-Founder, Aurora San Swim

Producer of Intimate Apparel

Emmaline is an exceptional designer as well as producer of intimate apparel. I have worked with Emmaline on several projects for different brands ranging from luxury to online retail to high street spanning over 2 decades.

Amy. G

Amy. G

Co-owner, Eaton House Studio
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